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Honey by the Bay

Comb Honey on the San Francisco Peninsula - Pure and Sustainable

Comb Honey on the San Francisco Peninsula - Pure and Sustainable

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About Our Comb Honey

Our comb honey comes directly from the beehive just as the bees built it. Packaged in a wooden mini frame, the comb is entirely natural and untouched. The bees construct the comb, fill it with nectar, and seal it with beeswax. We harvest and package it exactly as it is in the hive using sustainable packaging, providing you with the purest form of honey.

The Flavor of Comb Honey

Comb honey offers a distinct and delightful flavor that captures the essence of nature's sweetness. Each bite provides a mix of flavors from various flowers, reflecting the seasonal diversity of the bees' forage. The natural, untouched quality ensures an authentic taste experience.

What is Comb Honey?

Comb honey is the most unprocessed form of honey, consisting of honey stored in the beeswax comb. The bees collect nectar, transform it into honey, and store it in the hexagonal cells they create. We harvest these intact combs and package them as a delicacy, preserving the natural essence of the honey and the bees' craftsmanship.

Is Honeycomb Safe to Eat?

Honeycomb is safe and delicious to consume. The beeswax comb can be chewed like gum or swallowed. The honey within is the same honey produced from nectar. Enjoying comb honey means savoring honey in its most original state. Always ensure the comb is from a trusted source to guarantee quality and safety.

How to Eat Comb Honey

Our favorite ways to enjoy comb honey:

  • With goat cheese – as an appetizer
  • On toast – for breakfast
  • On its own – for the purists

Comb honey is gluten-free, has no preservatives, and contains no artificial flavors.

Limited Availability

We have a limited supply of our comb honey. If you miss it this year, you'll have to wait until the summer harvest next year.

Taste the Essence of Belmont

Experience the true essence of Belmont with our comb honey. At Honey by the Bay, we are dedicated to offering a genuine flavor that reflects the thriving surroundings of the San Francisco Peninsula. Our comb honey captures the natural harmony between local bees and the environment, delivering a distinctive taste that embodies the spirit of our community.

By choosing our local comb honey, you're not only enjoying a unique culinary experience but also supporting Belmont's ecosystem. Each spoonful encapsulates the partnership between bees and local flora, delivering a delicious outcome deeply rooted in the land.

Explore our selection and embrace the wonders of unfiltered honeycomb today. Discover the genuine flavors of Belmont through our local comb honey and relish the authenticity of this local gem.

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