The Definitive Honey and Bee Calculator

Have you ever wondered...

How many roundtrips it take for bees to collect a jar of honey?
How many bees are needed to produce a 16oz jar of honey?
How much honey does a bee make in its lifetime?
If you have - you're at the right place. This calculator provides an easy-to use calculator to find it all out.

How does this calculator work?

There are 3 charts in the center of the page (number of bees, number of days, nectar collected by flight). Move the sliders below the charts to adjust the left-most bar. Use the grayed-out bars as reference points.
You find the results in the boxes on the right.
Number of worker bees:

Number of days:

Nectar collected per flight:

Honey Collected

In one day a worker bee can collect 0.5g of nectar.

Honey Collected


One teaspoon honey weighs 7.08g.

Honey Collected
(ounces - oz)

One ounce of honey weighs 42.5 grams.

Flowers Visited


In one day a worker bee can visit 1,500 flowers.