Small scale natural beekeeping & local honey

At Honey by the Bay, we are passionate about our bees and the incredible raw honey they produce. Our micro-apiary, nestled in the backyards of the scenic San Francisco Peninsula, primarily in Belmont and San Mateo, is dedicated to sustainable, treatment-free beekeeping. We take pride in our commitment to chemical-free practices, non-pollination, and ensuring our bees thrive without unnecessary stress.


Experience the Distinctive Flavors of Our Local Honey & Comb Honey

Our raw, local honey from the San Francisco Peninsula is a true testament to the art of beekeeping and our dedication to detail. Unlike commercial operations, our small scale allows us to focus on the unique characteristics of each hive. We never mix honey from different colonies or apiaries, preserving the distinct flavors and colors that reflect the nectar source and time of year the bees collected it. Every drop of our raw honey represents our bees' hard work, complemented by our utmost care and attention.

Beeswax Hand Cream: Embracing Zero Waste & Green Practices

As part of our sustainability mission, we cherish and honor the precious resources our bees work so tirelessly to produce. Our commitment to zero waste and green practices is evident in our beautiful-smelling original beeswax hand cream. Handcrafted with love, it combines fresh beeswax from our own beehives, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and vitamin E for skin protection. By choosing our bee cosmetics, you contribute to preserving the harmony of nature and supporting sustainable beekeeping.

Support Sustainable Beekeeping

As micro-apiary owners, our mission extends beyond providing exceptional bee products. We aim to promote sustainable beekeeping in the Bay Area and share the joy of our bees with all. By exploring our shop, you directly support our efforts to protect bees and their natural habitats. Choose our sustainably harvested raw local honey, comb honey, and bee cosmetics, knowing that your purchase helps preserve the thriving bee populations that play a vital role in pollination and ecological balance.