About Us - Your Local Sustainable Beekeeping Partner in San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome! I'm Peter, the founder and beekeeper at Honey by the Bay, and I'm thrilled you're here. If you're seeking authentic, sustainably sourced bee products, you've found your destination.

A bit more about me

The proximity of nature always played an important role in my childhood. My grandparents took me along with my cousins on long hikes. My grandma always cooked garden-fresh meals.  Today, that connection with nature has evolved into my beekeeping journey.

A Decade of Beekeeping

For nearly a decade, we've been tending to bees with dedication. Our mission: safeguarding and learning about threatened honeybees. Our approach is simple yet impactful – responsible, humane, and sustainable care. No chemical interventions, no journeys to almond orchards for pollination.

Handcrafted Excellence

Our honey extraction is a labor of love, frame by frame. This hands-on, manual process ensures every jar of honey is a reservoir of rich flavor. Sharing this gift with our community brought us joy, prompting the creation of this website to extend that joy.

Our Purpose

Proceeds from the limited surplus honey and bee products we offer is what support our micro apiary's operations. But our reach goes further. Charity donations and mentorship for local beekeepers echo our commitment to the community and the environment.
If you're interested in learning more or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.
If you have never seen a beehive up close, come along with me. I'll take you on a journey in a backyard apiary.
Raw, unfiltered, natural honey
All natural beeswax hand cream


Experience the Magic

Curious about the allure of our beeswax hand cream? Discover why it's a must-try in your skincare journey.

A Sweet Farewell

And if you've never savored comb honey, seize the opportunity before it's gone. Inventory runs out fast, but the taste lingers – it's a treat not to be missed.


All natural comb honey