Honey Bee Swarms: Understanding, Protecting, and Reporting

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Please use this form to report swarms. It's important to include your location, contact information, and photos of the swarm and environment. You can also call us or send us a text message at +1.650.597.2957.

Honeybee swarm on tree


Welcome to Honey by the Bay's information page on honey bee swarms. At Honey by the Bay, nestled in the picturesque backyards of Belmont and San Mateo, we're not just beekeepers; we're also guardians of the bee community. Our goal is to educate about bees, including swarms and encourage safe reporting practices.

What are Honey Bee Swarms?

Swarms are a natural and awe-inspiring aspect of a bee colony's lifecycle. Swarms occur when about half of a bee colony leaves their hive to start a new colony. This is a natural process and indicates a healthy bee population. Swarming bees are less likely to sting as they don't have a hive to defend.

The Ecological Importance of Swarms

Swarms play a vital role in the propagation and health of bee populations. They are nature's way of ensuring that bees continue to pollinate plants, supporting biodiversity and the health of our ecosystems.

Misconceptions About Swarms

It's a common misunderstanding that swarms are aggressive. In reality, these bees are in the process of looking for a new home, without resources to defend, and are usually very docile. Disturbing a swarm, however, can provoke them, so it's essential to keep a safe distance and contact a professional beekeeper.

Encountering a Swarm? Here's What to Do

  1. Stay Calm: Remember, swarming bees are generally non-aggressive.
  2. Observe from a Distance: Do not try to disturb or move the swarm.
  3. Take Pictures: If it's safe to do so, take pictures of the swarm that show how the location can be approached. 
  4. Contact Honey by the Bay: Reach out to us with the swarm's location and possible pictures. We're equipped to safely relocate the bees.
Bee swarm on a palm tree

How We Help

When you report a swarm to Honey by the Bay, we, committed to chemical-free, stress-free beekeeping practices, will efficiently and safely relocate the swarm. Our approach ensures the wellbeing of both the bees and our community.

Contact Us

Please use this form to report swarms, ideally with your contact information. You can also call us or send us a text message at +1.650.597.2957.

Your Role in Bee Conservation

Every swarm reported and safely relocated contributes to the health of our local bee population. By contacting us, you play a crucial role in this essential environmental effort.


Honey bee swarms are not a menace, but a marvel of nature's cycle. By understanding and responsibly managing them, we can ensure that our local bee populations continue to thrive. Remember, if you see a swarm, contact us at Honey by the Bay - your local, sustainable beekeeping experts.