Why you must experience the natural beeswax hand cream from Honey by the Bay at least once in your lifetime?

Why you must experience the natural beeswax hand cream from Honey by the Bay at least once in your lifetime?

Not all beeswax is created equal

We've been into beekeeping for almost a decade. From the very early days of our beekeeping endeavors, we've always put a lot of emphasis on zero waste and use every little thing our bees produce. We pay attention to every detail when it comes to harvesting our (bees' excess)  honey. Unlike most apiaries, we don't mix the honey originating from different hives and bee yards. Instead of spinning our honey frames and collecting honey in multi-gallon drums or buckets, we harvest in the smallest batches. Furthermore, in addition to the excess honey, we also harvest the honey comb the bees built to store the honey.

We do this using a method, that ensures that the honey that we fill in our honey jar originates from the very same hive, and were often located right next to each other in the beehive. In addition, our honey is filtered by the natural, white or very light yellow beeswax that the bees built just a few months earlier. Honey comb built several years earlier has a tendency of accumulating pesticide and residue. Since our honey comb is always very fresh, and because our hives are located in the suburbs, far away from agricultural fields treated with pesticides, the quality of our beeswax products is incredibly pure. We pay special attention to the harvesting process every step of the way, resulting in unparalleled quality natural beeswax and beeswax products.
Sustainably kept treatment free backyard bees on honey comb
Lastly, we keep our bees the most natural way possible. We don't treat them with synthetic or natural chemicals. Our bees exhibit genetic traits that help them thrive without being treated by medication, antibiotics or any other treatment whatsoever. In addition to the top notch quality of the beeswax, we also put very strong emphasis on the ingredients used.
Pure comb honey - raw, natural, and local

The importance of keeping ingredients to the minimum

In every product we make, we keep our ingredients to the absolute minimum. We're strong believers that less is more. Just like real sourdough bread should not contain anything beyond flour, salt and water, truly natural skin products should not have cryptic additives either. Our most popular hand cream contains the following simple ingredients:
  • Natural 100% pure beeswax from our own beehives
  • Organic olive oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Organic essential oil scent [optional]
Sustainably packaged beeswax hand cream in frosted glass jar with aesthetic bamboo lid
And to be clear, here are all the ingredients that most other products contain, and ours don't:
  • No preservatives
  • No dyes or pigment
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • No aluminum
  • No formaldehyde
  • No PEGs (polyethylene glycols)
  • No methyl and propyl parabens
  • No oxybenozone
  • No gluten
  • No dairy

The benefits of beeswax on skin

Beeswax has numerous benefits for the skin. It is a natural moisturizer, which can help to keep the hands hydrated and soft. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can help to soothe and protect the hands from skin conditions such as eczema. Beeswax can also help to protect the hands from the damaging effects of sun exposure and wind. No wonder, most consider beeswax-based salves the best for the skin.
All natural beeswax bar made by sustainably kept backyard honeybees

The benefits of organic olive oil in creams

Organic olive oil is a natural oil that has been cold-pressed from olives. It is a popular ingredient in hand creams because it is an excellent moisturizer. It can help to soothe dry, chapped hands and protect them from the elements. Additionally, organic olive oil is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that can help to nourish and revitalize the skin.
Olive tree with olives on it

The benefits of organic coconut oil in skin care products

Organic coconut oil is also an effective natural moisturizer that can help to soothe and protect dry, irritated skin. It is also a good source of antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce redness and swelling. When used in hand cream, organic coconut oil can help to nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.

How does vitamin E help in creams?

Vitamin E is an important nutrient for the skin, as it helps to protect the skin from UV radiation. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals that can damage the skin. Free radicals are generated when the skin is exposed to UV radiation, and they can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin from these damaging effects by neutralizing the free radicals. In addition, vitamin E helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevents the loss of moisture.

About organic essential oil scents

Our best seller cream is unscented. While there's no scent added to it, the pure smell of the beehive that the beeswax lends to this cream is simply irresistible.
Our creams also come in a wide variety of scents, including lavender, peppermint, orange, jasmine, chamomile, lemongrass, eucalyptus, sandalwood, vetiver and tea tree. These products contain an essential oil component in very small amounts. We select with care and always use the finest organic essential oils for our creams. All of the above ingredients are edible, fitting very well into the thinking of "If you can't eat it, don't put on your skin."

Moisturizing without water content

It's important to note that our creams don't contain any water. Therefore, no need to add preservatives or emulsifiers, thus keeping the cream exceptionally pure. Our creams don't go rancid and stay fresh for years.

What body part is beeswax best for?

Most of our friends, family, and customers use our beeswax cream for hand care. Taking care of our hands is important for many reasons. They are one of the first things people notice about us and can say a lot about our general health and hygiene. Our hands are constantly exposed to the elements and perform countless tasks every day. Yet, we at times neglect them when it comes to self-care. The beeswax in our cream forms a protective barrier against the elements, and can help to lock in moisture.
All natural beeswax cream in sustainable frosted glass and bamboo lid packaging
There is no set rule for how often hand cream should be used, as it depends on the individual's skin type and the severity of the dryness. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to use hand cream several times a day, especially after washing the hands, to keep the skin hydrated and prevent further dryness.
The importance of sustainable beekeeping and quality beeswax products cannot be understated. By supporting sustainable beekeeping practices and using quality beeswax products, we can help ensure the survival of bees and other pollinators, which are essential to our environment and food supply. In addition, beeswax is a natural and renewable resource that can be used to make a variety of products, from candles to cosmetics. When you purchase beeswax products from your local sustainable beekeepers, you are supporting a sustainable and environmentally-friendly industry.
If you're looking for the best beeswax cream money can buy, give Honey by the Bay beeswax creams a try - they undoubtedly do magic to your skin.
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Pure, Natural Goodness of
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As you enjoy the insights from our article, we invite you to experience the natural goodness of Honey by the Bay's products. Our range, which includes pure raw, unfiltered honey, soothing beeswax hand salve, and nourishing lip balm, reflects our commitment to sustainable, treatment-free beekeeping.

Our bees, flourishing in the peaceful surroundings of Belmont and San Mateo, provide us with honey and beeswax of the highest quality. It's our pleasure to share these gifts with you. Whether you're a honey aficionado, an advocate for natural products, or someone who supports local, sustainable practices, our selection is sure to delight.

Embrace the sweetness of nature and the care we pour into each jar and tin. Visit our product page to bring the essence of Honey by the Bay into your home.