Why do we keep bees? Why do we make honey? Why do we sell bee products?

The simple answer is: because we care. We care about bees, we care about the world we live in, and we do care about our people around us.

We care about bees

We all know that bees have been struggling lately. The culprit is mainly our industrialized agriculture. Chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fungicides), monocultures, and new diseases (first, and foremost the varroa mite) are making the lives of bee colonies harder than ever.

Our philosophy is servant beekeeping: rather than the bees working for us, it's us working with the bees, and often us serving them. We put the needs and wellbeing of our colonies first and help them them develop and thrive. Any time we have to chose between our bees and our crop, bees always come first.

We handle our bees with the utmost care in a humane and sustainable way. We always leave them more than enough honey to feed on, we don't take them to pollinate, and we keep our bees treatment free.

We care about the environment

Thanks to our sustainable beekeeping methods, our honey and comb is as free of chemicals as it gets. We stay away from treating our bees using any natural or artificial treatments, and unlike around large scale agricultural fields, our sub-urban neighborhood is overwhelmingly free of toxic materials as well (simply due to the fact that most people stay away from spraying their own backyards).

We are big believers of zero waste processing of honey. We use every part of our harvest, including honey and beeswax. Anything we don't use, we give it back to our bees.

We care about people

It's highly important to us that our family, friends, neighbors, and anybody who we interact with, who tries our honey, lip balm, or any other product gets the best possible experience. Experience includes the quality of the products, the presentation, the packaging, our website, and in general how we treat people. We're excited to share our honey with our neighbors during honey harvest, we donate 15-20% of our honey to charity causes close to our heart.

And finally, we created this website to extend our reach, and give those an opportunity to try what we make, whom we don't know in person. If you like what you see and what you get, please help us by leaving a comment and letting your friends know.

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