What makes our beeswax lip balm special?

What makes our beeswax lip balm special?

There's no doubt, our lip balm does miracles, especially when compared to regular store-bought chapsticks. What's the secret - you may ask.

Local, untreated beehives

Some keep bees as domesticated stock. We believe bees are wild animals and try our best to help them as such. We keep them as naturally as we can with as little intervention, medication, and treatment as possible. Also, since our bees are local to our San Francisco Bay Area suburbs, they are not exposed to the sprays used in agriculture.

Fresh, super light, soft beeswax

We only use the finest, softest, most fresh beeswax for our lip balm products. Fresh beeswax, drawn by the bees just a few months before harvesting the honey is the side product of our honey harvest. Old comb has a tendency of accumulating chemicals - this is what we can avoid by using them comb built by the bees the very same spring.

In this picture you can see the comb after crush and strain harvesting technique.

Comb after honey harvesting

Cleaned with special care and attention

We clean our comb with clean water, multiple times. This short video shows how we rinse our comb with special care by hand.

Less is more

And last, our lip balm doesn't contain any preservatives, natural or artificial coloring, lanolin, paraffin, or petroleum. It's made of three simple ingredients: our own fresh light beeswax from our natural beehives, organic olive oil, and organic coconut oil.

Our lip balm has the best aroma ever - hard to imagine without giving it a try...

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