Is honey comb edible?

Is honey comb edible?

Honey comb is a tasty and perfectly safe delicacy to eat. Humans have been consuming honey along with the comb for thousands of years. Honey comb is made up of hexagonal shape cells and has a chewy consistency that some like to swallow, others just chew on.

Comb honey is super healthy too, when you get an opportunity, give it a try!

Did you know that bees use honey comb for a wide variety of purposes? In addition to storing honey in it, they also use it to stash away pollen in comb cells, which thanks to its rich protein content, they feed their babies. Speaking of their youngsters, bees raise their brood in honey comb as well. The queen lays up to 2,000 eggs a day. To put it in perspective, it's equal to her own body weight - every day! Imagine if a hen laid her own body weight every day. And just like chicks, young bees emerge 21 days after the queen has laid the egg.

The fresh white honey comb in this picture has colorful pollen in the center, shiny translucent nectar around it, intertwined with a handful of tiny rice shaped eggs.

How do bees build the honey comb?

Here's a short video on showing how bees built the honey comb. So much to appreciate, when we eat honey with or without the comb.

But how do bees build the honey comb? Beeswax is excreted by the bees from a special gland in liquid form. They can produce wax, when there's an abundance of nectar coming into the beehive, typically in the spring.
They build comb by gradually drawing out the little hexagons. Once the comb is fully drawn out, they start depositing nectar into it. The nectar then goes through a natural fermentation process, the bees dry it by evaporating the excess water, and finally they cap it off. That's how we get comb honey.

How long does comb honey last?

If stored properly, honey can last years, even centuries. Archeologists have found perfectly fine honey in the Egyptian pyramids. Honey comb, along with the honey stored in has similar properties: when stored correctly, it won't spoil. When it comes to storing honey, the only thing to pay attention to is that humidity or water doesn't get in contact with it. Honey has a tendency of attracting water, which will then eventually contribute to honey fermenting. As long as. your honey is locked up in a sealed container, it stores very well.

Where to get comb honey?

When thinking about buying comb honey, you should always consider your local, sustainable, responsible beekeepers. At Honey by the Bay, our comb honey has been our fastest selling item. We are working hard along with our bees to bring you the highest quality, most tasteful, fresh comb honey. If you're in the market for some comb honey, check out our store.

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